About HarfordNEXT

In 2015, County Executive Barry Glassman directed the Department of Planning and Zoning to begin an update to the 2012 Master Plan and Land Use Element Plan. The Department undertook a strategic approach to preparing HarfordNEXT. Six overarching themes replace the previous Element Plans to form one streamlined and cohesive document known as HarfordNEXT. The document begins with a brief introduction, followed by chapters devoted to the following six themes; Grow With Purpose, Economic Vitality, Preserving our Heritage, Mobility and Connectivity, Environmental Stewardship, and Promoting Healthy Communities. Each theme presents a set of Principles and Goals that are followed by implementation strategies. The last chapter is devoted to the seven Community Planning Areas and includes background and demographic information as well as implementation strategies relevant to each area. The Water Resources Element and Priority Preservation Area Plan are included in the Appendix.